How to obtain a permit to cultivate hemp for medical use?

How to obtain a permit to cultivate medical cannabis

Growing hemp for medical use? For most of europe, it is still a no

Many people wonder whether cannabis can also be cultivated for medical purposes in Italy. If you have decided to open this article, you would also like to understand what to do to apply for permission.

However, you should know that this is not allowed in our country for several reasons.

You are wondering which ones, right?

In this article, we have gathered all the information about home cultivation that every interested person should know.

Hemp cultivation for therapeutic purposes

Hemp cultivation for therapeutic purposes: this is the situation in Italy

Although with strict limitations, in some EU countries, it is permitted to grow hemp for medicinal purposes at home. However, this is different in Italy, where such cultivation is only allowed at the Stabilimento Chimico Farmaceutico Militare in Florence.

So, if you buy cannabis seeds from an authorised seller, you can keep them inside your home as long as they are not cultivated.

The reason?

Simple: it cannot be predicted whether the THC content will be higher than permitted by current legislation. Law 242 of 2016 provides a ‘tolerance range’ according to which only authorised growers are allowed to cultivate marijuana, provided that the THC level is between 0.2% and 0.6%.

THC is the psychotropic par excellence of cannabis and is a substance that, if taken in large quantities, can induce a state of psychological and physical dependence.

For this reason, the Florence-based institution holds a special authorisation allowing it to produce flowers with a high THC content, which are then used to make cannabinoid-based drugs that the treating doctor can prescribe in certain circumstances.

These inflorescences arrive at pharmacies already crushed and are prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories. In this way, medicines are synthesised in full compliance with the dosage prescribed by the doctor for his patient.

At this point, however, you might be wondering which patients we are talking about.

Let’s take a closer look at this question.

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Medical cannabis: these are the patients authorised to take it in Italy

The Ministry of Health has decreed that all patients diagnosed with a particular pathology may turn to their doctor and request medical cannabis medication. In particular, this includes patients:

  • who suffer from chronic and/or neuropathic pain;
  • with HIV, ALS and multiple sclerosis;
  • suffering from Tourette Syndrome;
  • suffering from a tumour (whether already cured or still in progress):
  • who have found traditional medicines to sedate symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and acute pain ineffective.

However, each region in the Bel Paese takes responsibility for setting a limit on when cannabinoid drugs are permitted.

What does this mean?

It means that it will be at the discretion of the doctor to whom the patient has been referred (in this case, it may not even be the attending physician) to determine which therapy is most suitable and whether, if at all, to prescribe cannabis-based medicines.

At this point, the doctor gives the prescription to the patient, who can then go to an authorised pharmacy and pick up the prescribed medicine.

So does this mean that it is never allowed to cultivate cannabis in Italy?

Well, not exactly.

Medical cannabis who can take it

Personal cannabis cultivation: it can be done but under certain conditions

At present, it is not permitted to cultivate hemp for medical purposes. However, the law authorises the cultivation of cannabis light, i.e. low in psychotropic substances.

To avoid penalties and unpleasant situations, it is necessary to respect the THC limit allowed by law, which, as we said at the beginning of this article, must not exceed 0.6%.

But that is not all.

The law stipulates that the grower must keep the tag and invoice for the purchased products for twelve months and prove that he is growing for one of the following reasons:

  • for the production of semi-finished products (such as powders, oils, fibre, fuels, etc.) in the artisanal sector;
  • for food and cosmetic purposes
  • for the creation of phyto-purification material for land reclamation;
  • to create crops for floriculture;
  • to provide helpful material for construction or bioengineering work;
  • to obtain research material for public and private institutes;
  • to enable the agronomic practice of green manure.

So, as you will have easily guessed, there is no point specifying the possibility of growing hemp for medical purposes.

As we have said, you must consult your doctor and assess the best therapy to obtain cannabinoid-based medicines.

If, on the other hand, you wish to buy seeds, please note that you can only do so for collecting or for food purposes.

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In this article, we have seen the situation regarding personal cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

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