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discover all the marijuana side effects

Modified on: 29/07/2022


All the effects of Marijuana is a debate that is still open in many parts of the world and certainly still in Europe.

In our country a path has been inaugurated that is similar to the one undertaken by other States towards legalization, however, many doubts and perplexities persist. But, while the use of marijuana is still illegal and involves some side effects, the CBD flowers are open to the consumption and presents no health risks.

Is a positive use of marijuana possible?

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (known as THC) is the most well-known active ingredient of cannabis, but despite this, its potential is still in full development phase.

The characteristics of this principle concern its ability to be an excellent analgesic, in fact it is often used to alleviate the wildest forms of pain and has long been available to italian patients who need it.

One of the possible administrations is that in the form of  cbd oil, which in Italy is obtained only in the pharmacy, through a non-repeatable medical certificate.

Furthermore, one of the typical effects of marijuana intake, the so-called “chemical hunger” , can be used in cases of lack of appetite in terminally ill patients.

Several studies show, among other things, a great capacity of marijuana to act as a neuro-protector for degenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease.

This information makes it clear that the only possible way to use marijuana and benefit from it is through controlled medical use.

But what are the side effects of using cannabis?

The negative effects of marijuana can affect young people

Addiction is the worst enemy of the marijuana consumer.

Whenever you smoke cannabis, you take many different substances at the same time.

The level of toxicity generated by a discontinuous use of marijuana is certainly irrelevant for the body, but a continuous use, typical of addiction, raises the levels of danger for our body very much.

The category most at risk is, once again, is the one of the adolescents.

The alarm has been launched for some time on the pages of the American Journal of Psychiatry, which shows a study by the University of Montreal, Canada, a country where cannabis for recreational use is legalized.

Scientists’ work has focused on both the effects of cannabis and alcohol on adolescent brains.

The study involved 3,824 adolescents aged 13, from 31 Canadian schools.

The boys reported in an online questionnaire their personal habits on drug and alcohol consumption once a year, for four consecutive years.

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Through the use of cognitive tests, the researchers observed and measured the brain function of the children, including the ability to work memory, perceptive reasoning, inhibitory control.

The study showed a decrease in inhibitory control in its consumers, the retention capacity of these adolescents was altered, paving the way for the risk of an addiction.

Furthermore, the cognitive tests showed that the total score suffered a decrease with the increase in the use of the substance not only in the dedicated year, but also in the following years.

This suggests that cannabis has a lasting effect on the brain function of young people undergoing psychophysical development.

Several statistics have shown the reality of the facts, highlighting a juvenile abuse of marijuana.

In the USA, where many states have already legalized cannabis, 30% of adolescent boys begin to use marijuana.

For adults, the discourse is different. We always talk about a substance that is dangerous for the body, but occasional consumption does not provide for adult damage greater than that of excessive drinking or casual cigarette smoking.

What attracts cannabis is its ability to mimic some natural substances produced by our brains, similar to how morphine and heroin seem to reproduce the effects of endorphins.

But, once again, continuous use can seriously damage the consumer.

For example, cannabis can generate intoxications, including the symptoms of amotivational syndrome, where the patient feels a lack of interest in everything and falls into a profound state of apathy.

Negative effects of marijuana can affect young people

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CBD Cannabis, the subject here is very different

Many hear of cannabis “make all the grass a bundle”, as they say, but there is a difference between marijuana and legal weed uk.

The CBD weed is obtained from the female inflorescences of Canapa Light Sativa, poor in THC.  Tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance responsible for all the psychotropic effects of cannabis and the reason why it is still illegal in many states.

This is the main difference between the two: CBD buds always have a quantity of THC equal to and less than 0.2%, as required by law.

This drastically reduces any risk to the consumer’s health, concentrating only its positive effects, namely reduction of anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disorders.

The plants selected for legal marijuana  are rich in CBD, cannabidiol, which is nothing but the non-psychoactive compound also used for medical marijuana, of which we have seen methodology and use at the beginning of the article.

The quality of cannabidiol is in being able to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from non-terminal but equally harmful and limiting ills such as cluster headaches, inflammations or muscle spasms.