3 ways of using hemp you would never have imagined

3 unexpected uses of hemp

Hemp is a plant with a thousand resources: find out what unexpected areas to use it

Usually, when people talk about hemp or CBD cannabis, they refer to its flowers’ therapeutic and recreational properties and derivatives (CBD oil, hashish, etc.).

Of course, there has also been a lot of talks recently about the use of hemp in cosmetics (cannabis creams are all the rage!), but the potential of cannabis does not end there!

Cannabis sativa has been cultivated since the beginning of time to produce a wide variety of products.

For example, this plant has found renewed success in the paper industry (hemp paper is very strong and less polluting). As a result, products made from hemp textiles are once again plentiful: ropes, canvas for sailing boats, overalls, etc.

However, the industrial use of hemp is much broader, and in this article, we will show you that this plant has exceptional potential.

Curious to know what they are?

Here are the 3 most surprising uses of hemp.

Hemp plant for industrial use

1) Hemp in construction

Hemp’s strengths lie not only in its flowers and leaves, which produce CBD and many other substances used for various reasons but also in much more.

Wondering what?

For example, the fibres and the hemp (the woody part).

Hemp fibres have a high resistance to wear and tear and tensile strength. In contrast, hemp has insulating properties (due to its high silicon content) and the ability to absorb liquids, all of which are perfect for making bio-bricks.

Yes, you got that right. Legal cannabis has been cultivated in the green building sector for some time now.

This plant’s bricks and concrete are light, insulating, breathable, and mould-resistant. So it is why, although they are still in short supply and costly, they are a massive success.

Hemp materials are also environmentally friendly: they are made from hemp grown without pesticides and processed sustainably.

Not bad, right?

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2) Hemp for making bioplastic

We all know that plastic is currently one of the greatest enemies of our planet.

There is plastic everywhere:

  • The oceans are invaded.
  • The soil is full of it.
  • By now, we often find traces of microplastics even in the food we consume.

It is a distressing scenario!

At this point, you may be wondering what hemp has to do with it. Well, thanks to its fibres and cellulose, it is possible to produce a recyclable bioplastic with exceptional properties!

In addition to not polluting the environment, hemp plastic has proven to be more resistant than petroleum-based plastic, non-toxic, very elastic and resistant to very high temperatures (ideal for use in cooking).

In short, thanks to the cultivation of legal hemp and the production of eco-friendly plastic, environmental pollution could be reduced to unprecedented levels.

Plastic pollution

3) Hemp biofuel

If you were surprised by the uses of hemp mentioned above, the potential of this plant does not end there!

Cannabis plants can even be used to produce biofuel!

Specifically, biodiesel can be made from seeds, and ethanol can be produced by fermenting the juices and oils (obtained from the stem and stalks).

If you wonder what the advantages of using a biofuel made from hemp might be, the first thing to consider is the pollution factor:

  • The air in cities would be cleaner and healthier.
  • Illnesses caused by inhaling car exhaust would decrease.
  • You could actively contribute to the well-being of the entire planet.

Of course, at present, it is difficult to say that it will soon be possible to replace petroleum fuels with hemp-based fuels.

Although the global benefits would be many, the cultivation of the plant would have to be regulated before such a change could be introduced.

Otherwise, the high demand for the product could lead to increased deforestation (for more land) and mass abandonment of other crops, with a sudden rise in the prices of common foodstuffs.

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To conclude

As you can see, there are many uses for hemp, and as time goes by, this plant always manages to surprise us in a new way. It is why more and more people are deciding to collect it!

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