Legal marijuana at home? 3 reasons to choose JustBob!

3 reasons to choose Justbob to have legal cannabis at home

Cbd online: here’s why you should choose the Justbob online shop

If you have decided to buy CBD online and purchase legal marijuana at home, the best e-commerce place to buy it is JustBob! Did you know that thousands and thousands of people come to our shop to get their legal cannabis delivered at home?

We won’t be surprised if you also want to try our legal weed varieties and perhaps become a regular customer like so many others.

Believe it or not, but if you don’t trust us, we can give you 3 good reasons to do so. Read on, and you’ll find out!

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1) JustBob’s legal marijuana: super prices and excellent quality!

Our aim is not to profit from CBD cannabis but to make sure that everyone can buy this popular product.


  • the prices of our legal weed are the lowest on the market (despite the excellent quality),
  • shipping costs are meagre compared to the standard (only 5.50 euros) and free with a minimum spending threshold (if you spend at least 60 euros, you don’t pay shipping fees),
  • there are very advantageous quantity discounts: the more you buy, the more the costs of legal cannabis varieties go down.

And that’s not all … in addition to having very affordable prices, our legal cannabis is organic.

Do you want to be sure that your legal marijuana is free of heavy metals, grown according to strict organic standards and with the perfect cultivation method for the needs of each strain? Then all you have to do is buy in our online shop!

Each batch is organically grown, cultivated by local farmers and comes from certified organic producers. The farms we trust follow the requirements of each strain.

Chemical pesticides are avoided at all costs, while the farms use organic fertilisers with a positive environmental impact, making the cannabis plants lush and rich in CBD.

With us, you can get the best legal marijuana on the market at very affordable prices. Check out the examples below for yourself and buy the qualities of cannabis you want most.

The best quality marijuana at Justbob

And if you don’t know which one to buy? Choose one of the JustBob kits!

2) Not sure which legal marijuana to buy for your shipment? You can buy our kits!

The JustBob kits are among the most purchased by our customers. The reason is simple! They allow you to try different strains of legal cannabis, spend little money and, if you want, mix different strains for unique aromas.

You can choose the mixed kits (such as Small Buds Mix and Outdoor Buds Mix), while if you prefer to receive 4 strains of CBD cannabis in separate packs, you can choose the classic kits, such as the Indoor Kit.

These formats are also great gift ideas, so much so that during the holidays, we offered special “Christmas” version that was a great success!

You’ll never go wrong with us if you’re looking for quality, and the friends you give the kits to will be enthusiastic.

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3) JustBob: Top quality CBD cannabis with full certifications

We would always advise against light marijuana enthusiasts buying un-certified packaging. The certification can attest the actual quality of the CBD batches online (and also sold in physical shops).

A certification should not be produced by the CBD cannabis online shop itself but by an authorised testing laboratory. For example, the certifications of all our marijuana batches come from qualified testing laboratories that certify that the amount of THC and THCA are in different percentages in the batches of our legal cannabis Sativa.

We want to remind you that THC values in cannabis buds cannot exceed 0.2%, and all batches we sell are fully compliant with the law as they fall well within this threshold. We never sell products that exceed these percentages as we want to protect our customers first and foremost (and, of course, not commit any offences)!

What are you waiting for? Buy the best legal cannabis at now and get it delivered at home!

Please note that the above prices are subject to change, always check availability and costs of products directly in the shop.