Legal CBD Marijuana

the effects of cbd cannabis

Modified on: 21/06/2022

Legal CBD marijuana: what’s that? What does the law say in Italy about it and what are the effects of CBD cannabis?

The so-called legal CBD marijuana (also known as CBD cannabis and, in an informal way, legal hemp) is a product of the female inflorescences of hemp, a plant that is part of the genus Cannabis sativa.

This variety of marijuana that is called “legal” is so defined because it was selected to contain very low concentrations of THC, a psychotropic substance contained in different Cannabis varieties.

On the other hand, legal hemp is purchased and consumed as it contains high amounts of CBD, a non-narcotic substance, different from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has psychotropic effects.

CBD flower is mainly used for recreational, relaxing and calming purposes.

effects of cbd cannabis

Looking closely, it is not possible to notice any difference with the classic marijuana. Only chemical analyzes can reveal the “legal” nature of the product and therefore its legality.

The hemp with a high THC content remains illegal in our country and is not marketed except on the black market.

Effects of legal CBD Marijuana

Let’s see in detail the features that make a type of marijuana classifiable as legal. There are two factors to consider, here they are:

  1. the percentage of THC by law must be less than 0.2%
  2. the percentage of CBD is very high. For example, in different varieties of legal hemp it is over 20%.

This type of cannabis has been studied in such a way as to have no effect on the psyche.

So what are the effects of legal weed?

In general, depending on the quality and concentration of active ingredients, there are 5 main effects:

  • muscle relaxant
  • anti-epileptic (caution, however: it cannot be used as a drug therapy, so much so that it cannot be marketed in pharmacies)
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • calming

This last effect, despite being supported and prolonged by the CBD, occurs above all thanks to the minimal presence of THC.

There is no need to fear the arrival of psychotropic effects, such as inebriation or paranoia, because there are none. Many others can be positive effects. For example, the high content of CBD can help against migraine or menstrual pain.

The effects may vary depending on the intaknig method. CBD cannabis requires the heating of the substance in most cases. This is the process that leads to cannabinoid activation.

The benefits of intake are usually found within a few minutes if the marijuana is smoked. However, there is also the possibility of ingestion even through cooked products. In this case the assumption occurs in more dilated times and the duration of the effects also changes.

If the product is smoked, the effects last up to 4 hours, but if the product is ingested, it can even reach 14 hours before the effect dissolves.

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The law on legal CBD marijuana in Italy

Legal cannabis or legal hemp in Italy means the kind of marijuana that has a concentration of active ingredient that is less than 0.6 percent.

But what exactly does the law say?

In Italy, according to the law n° 242 of December 2016 the production and marketing of Sativa L. Cannabis is legal, if this has a THC content (active principle) lower than 0.2%

It has therefore become lawful to grow CBD weed, even without special authorizations. In cases where the THC concentration exceeds 0.2% but still falls within the limit of 0.6% there is no risk of incurring any problem from the legal point of view.

legal cultivation CBD weed in italy

If, following chemical analyzes and / or investigations of some kind, the authorities were to find an active ingredient content of more than 0.2%, then sanctions, seizures and destruction of the product may be incurred.

Are you wondering what allows and does not allow to do the law 242 with CBD cannabis?

It must be specified that still today there are controversial aspects of the law. There are not entirely clear statements and interpretations. Let’s analyze some casuistry in this case.

What you can do with legal CBD cannabis

The law allows the use of sativa cannabis to create foods such as oil, pasta, bread and biscuits. These are very nutritious foods that contain high concentrations of omega 3 and 6 and are easy to digest.

Furthermore, according to law 242/2016, hemp can be used in the following sectors:

  • green building and bioengineering
  • clothing
  • cosmetics
  • nursery
  • industry and craft activities (as supply)
  • phytodepuration of polluted sites
  • research and educational activities

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What you can’t do with legal weed

The Regulation 242 makes no reference to the recreational use of legal CBD cannabis and this always creates confusion for those who would like to smoke it.

Let’s therefore clarify this aspect. The 2016 law does not specifically prohibit the use of legal hemp for recreational purposes.

Despite this, the personal use of cannabis for narcotic purposes is prohibited by all laws in force concerning health.

Furthermore, a ruling by the Cassation regarding legal cannabis has even canceled a preventive seizure of legal hemp used for recreation.

The reason?

According to the Court, the purposes of use listed by Law 242/2016 do not exclude other uses not mentioned.

The laws and regulations relating to the CBD buds in force today are slowly moving away from a prohibition system that has been established for decades not only in Italy, but almost all over the world.

Currently there is a new strong opening towards the various uses of cannabis and for this reason in the future we expect new liberalisations and more favorable laws especially by virtue of the evident properties possessed by the CBD cannabis.