Hemp liqueur: how it is made and what effects it has

How hemp liqueur is made and its effects

Here is how this drink is made and what its effects are

If you have a passion for hemp and its derivatives, you have heard of a liqueur called ‘Canapito’. Yes, that’s right: a cannabis liqueur. Are you curious about hemp liqueur and want to know how to make it at home?

In the following few lines, we will give you two recipes for making a do-it-yourself hemp liqueur and discuss its effects on the body.

Hemp leaves

The hemp liqueur recipe

When we speak of hemp liqueur, we are referring to a product in which this plant – with its functional steeping parts – is the central protagonist. What is needed to make it at home? Here is the list of ingredients for about 2 litres of the final product:

  • 1 litre of pure potable alcohol;
  • 1 litre of water;
  • 1/2 kilo of brown sugar;
  • 300 grams of fresh hemp leaves;
  • 3 grams of cannabis inflorescences;
  • 2 sticks of liquorice;
  • ginger powder, coriander seeds and cumin to taste.

Before telling you how to prepare them, it should be noted that fresh hemp leaves tend to have a robust taste that may be unpleasant to the palate. Therefore, it is advisable to dry them in a dark and dry place for about 10 days (but nothing prevents you from using fresh leaves).

The first step is to macerate the leaves, inflorescences, liquorice and other aromatic ingredients. Next, pour all the ingredients and the alcohol into a container or glass bottle. Then seal it hermetically and keep it away from light and heat sources for 15 days. After this time, you can strain the macerate into another container using a sieve and a cotton or, even better, linen cloth.

At this point, you can move on to the last step, which is syrup preparation. You will have to dissolve the sugar in the water, so arm yourself with patience because you will have to stir everything continuously, taking care not to bring the mixture to a boil. Once you have completed this operation, after allowing the syrup to cool, you must combine the two compounds to obtain your hemp liqueur.

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Hemp liquor or hemp bitters: this is how you can combine the properties of cannabis with your favourite drink

“De gustibus non est disputandum’ says a famous Latin phrase. And tastes can indeed vary from person to person. And, even if you are a marijuana lover, it is possible that you may not like the taste of a liqueur such as the one for which we have described the recipe in the previous paragraph. But, in that case, if you want to customise a liqueur or a bitter that you usually drink with cannabis, you can safely do so.

Here is what you will need:

  • a kettle;
  • a glass bottle with a stopper;
  • a food thermometer;
  • 250 ml of your favourite liquor;
  • 2 g of hemp inflorescence;
  • some food gauze.

Let’s be clear: the dosages of liquor and inflorescences are indicative, and, if you wish, you can make a larger quantity by proportioning them. Do you have everything you need? Good. Let’s get started! First, chop up the hemp inflorescences and wrap them with food gauze to create a wrap. Then turn on the kettle and pour the liquor into it. Place the gauze with the inflorescences inside the kettle and start an infusion of about 2 hours. During this time, monitor the temperature with a thermometer and make sure it does not go above 60° C.

When the infusion is finished, remove the wrapper, decant the liquor into a bottle, close it, and store it in a cool place away from heat and light. So simple, isn’t it? Now, you can drink a shot of hemp liqueur whenever you feel like it.

Hemp liqueur recipe

The effects of hemp liquor: all you need to know

So far, we have seen two recipes: one for a hemp liqueur and one for a hemp liqueur. But what happens when you drink cannabis liquor? We start from the assumption that alcohol amplifies the effects of the active ingredients of cannabis. Consequently, limiting the amount of liquor consumed to one’s tolerance level is prudent.

Of course, the effects also change depending on the type of cannabis used for steeping or infusion. With light cannabis, there is a widespread feeling of relaxation. CBD, the non-psychotropic active ingredient in hemp, also has antispasmodic action and promotes sleep and digestion.
Hence, a shot of cannabis or cannabis-infused liquor is perfect for dinner. However, since the combination of alcohol and marijuana emphasises both effects, it is advisable not to overdo the consumption even if legal hemp is used to make the liquor.

As for hemp liquor made from the herb with a high THC (psychotropic substance) content, it is best to avoid it. Firstly, because it is illegal, hallucinations, nausea, and an incorrect perception of reality can be among the effects it can give. With the addition of alcohol, all this could make for a less than pleasant experience.

So, if you like the taste of marijuana or want to combine its non-psychotropic properties with your favourite liquor, you can do so by using CBD weed.

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In conclusion

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