How to grow cannabis at home without breaking the law

How to grow legal cannabis at home

3 basics things you need to know if you are wondering how to grow cannabis at home for personal use.

After the sentence of 19 December 2019 of the Court of Cassation in Italy, affecting the whole European countries, in which the cultivation of small quantities of marijuana intended for personal use is decriminalized, it is possible that you are wondering how to grow cannabis at home. Whether it’s CBD cannabis or high THC content, you need to know some vital information before starting cultivation.

It only takes a moment to break the Consolidated Law on Narcotic Drugs (TU 309 of 1990), and we don’t want you to have anything to do with the consequences that come from violating this law.

Today, we want to give you three important information regarding personal cannabis cultivation at home.

cbd hemp at home

This way, you will know how to act without breaking European laws.

1) In most European countries, growing cannabis plants at home remains a crime

Maybe this will surprise you, but it is true. For example, the United Sections of the Italian Court of Cassation have decriminalized the cultivation of tiny quantities of cannabis for personal use. The ruling, in particular, referred to two cannabis plants grown within the home walls; one of the plants had 20 branches, the other 18. A first change in a country where CBD is well understood.

But this decriminalization does not mean that anyone is allowed to grow cannabis at home: the administrative offence remains. Whoever commits this offence will probably not end up in jail, but they will have to pay an administrative penalty (which could also be huge).

Let’s summarize: if you grow a minimum amount of cannabis plants at home, you will commit a crime – even if only an administrative one. If you are discovered, you will have to pay the penalty and, based on the judge’s decisions, undergo a therapeutic and socio-rehabilitation program at the closest Addiction Service in your area.

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2) Growing CBD cannabis is not a crime, but if you do it at home, you may run into some problems.

Following another Italian law: 242/2016, it is possible to grow CBD flowers without appropriate authorizations, starting from seeds certified at European level. You must keep your receipt from purchasing these legal weed seeds for at least one year after purchase.

The law on the cultivation of hemp, however, does not speak of personal cultivation, but of crops capable of reducing the following problems :

  • Environmental impact in agriculture;
  • Soil consumption
  • Desertification
  • Biodiversity loss

Besides, it mentions the possibility of growing “weakened” sativa hemp as a rotational crop or to replace surplus crops.

cbd marijuana as a rotational crop

The law also describes the purposes for which it supports the cultivation of cannabis, including flower nursery, the production of cosmetics, food and raw materials for industry, the realization of bioengineering works and more.

So, if you grow marijuana at home, but you cannot justify the reason for this “passion”, and above all, if you cannot trace it to the purposes expressed by law, then you could run into severe problems with the authorities. Our advice is to give up. Especially in this historical moment in which some people try to regulate (without succeeding) the production and consumption of low THC cannabis.

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3) You can grow cannabis at home, but not in all Europe.

It is possible to grow cannabis at home in some European states (and also in the rest of the world, as in Uruguay), generally with particular restrictions.

Here are some examples:

  • In Spain, the cannabis law is not very clear, but it seems that its cultivation is tolerated in private places, far from hospitals, schools and other places frequented by children and the elderly. Of course, this activity must be carried out for personal use, while the sale of marijuana is illegal. However, the situation varies according to the city. For example, in Madrid, the home cultivation of two cannabis plants is tolerated, while in Barcelona, it is prohibited.
  • In Switzerland it is possible to grow cannabis at home, but only if it is cannabis with THC up to 1%.
  • In Austria, hemp can be grown at home, but the cannabis flowers cannot be separated from the plant (unless it is for therapeutic use).
  • In the Czech Republic, up to five plants (intended for any use) can be grown at home. It is also possible to grow therapeutic marijuana if the activity is registered.

However, cannabis laws around the world are highly variable and often subject to regulatory gaps. So, if by chance you live in another country and want to grow hemp plants at home, we strongly advise you to inform yourself about local laws properly.

What we know, it is that at the moment, it is not possible to grow cannabis in Europe without breaking the law. Consequently, it is preferable not to take risks and buy it in dedicated stores, such as the Justbob shop!