Canada: the legalisation of cannabis has not increased road accidents

Legalisation of cannabis in Canada: traffic accidents did not increase

Data showing that the green light for recreational cannabis has not adversely affected road safety

On 17 October 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalise cannabis for recreational use, thanks to the ‘Cannabis Act’.

Of course, this long-awaited historical change has been widely discussed and still baffles many prohibitionists.

Among the various protests about the legalisation of marijuana, one that emerged, in particular, was that this step would lead to an increase in the frequency of road accidents.

A few years have passed since then: what has happened?

Has road safety decreased because of legal cannabis, or not?

It is how things are going on the streets of Canada after the legalisation of cannabis.

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Legal cannabis in Canada: what do the numbers say about road accidents?

Canada’s decision to legalise the use of cannabis has raised a lot of controversy and concern on many fronts, including the safety of citizens when driving.

However, those who claimed that the legalisation of Canadian weed would lead to an increase in road accidents have had to think again.

A study conducted in Canada has shown that the Canadian road situation has not changed in terms of safety since the legalisation of cannabis.

From the results of this research, published in ScienceDirect, it can be seen that the implementation of the Cannabis Act did not lead to an increase in emergency room visits following car accidents, neither in Ontario nor in Alberta.

To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers involved in the study examined data from the emergency department of both locations, starting with data from April 2015 and ending with data from December 2019.

They looked at pre-and post-legalisation data on cannabis.

Similar research has also been carried out in other locations.

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For example, researchers at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey conducted a study published in The American Surgeon in February 2021. According to the findings, legal weed cannot be associated with an increase in fatalities in traffic accidents in which drivers tested positive for marijuana use.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine, on the other hand, focused on accidents that were fatal to pedestrians. But, again, it found that the legalisation of cannabis for medical or general use could not be linked to them.

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Effects of cannabis legalisation in Canada

The legalisation of marijuana in Canada has not only not been negative regarding safety on the streets but has also had a very positive economic impact.

Consider that in the first two weeks of sales alone, the legalisation of hemp had already reached 43 million dollars and that in the following ten months, the legal cannabis sector grew by 185%.

Unbelievable numbers!

And that is not all. The decision to legalise hemp has also strongly impacted the fight against the black market.

It appears that the sale of legal hemp has made millions of dollars available to criminal organisations.

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In conclusion

As we have seen in this article, all in all, the legalisation of marijuana in Canada has turned out to be a real success!

The various studies did not reveal any alarming figures for road safety, the state economy has grown, and the illegal market has already been weakened to some extent.

All this, of course, will be taken into consideration by many other countries that are considering legalising hemp.

However, in the UK, this scenario is still too far away; however, we can only wait and hope for the best!

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