Depression and light marijuana: can cannabis counteract the symptoms of depression?

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Modified on: 11/09/2023

Find Out How The Marijuana Can Counteract The Symptoms Of Depression

Do you suffer from depression or one of your beloved suffer from this condition? Find out, by reading the next few paragraphs, what it is all about and whether it is possible to fight it with CBD flowers.

What is depression and what is its incidence?

If we talk about depression, very often the numbers can be disarming.

In Italy, for example, a joint study by the AIFA (Italian Drug Agency) and the National Research Council of Pisa has highlighted how about 11 million people take antidepressant drugs daily.

If we consider the subjects suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, in 2018, 20% of the population claimed to suffer from it.

Depression or MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), described and classified for the first time by the America Psychiatric Association in 1980, can also cause serious forms of disability. In fact, its diffusion in recent years has led it to be the second cause of disability after cardiovascular diseases.

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How to treat depression

Usually the treatment of depression includes on one side the intake of antidepressant drugs and on the other the use of psychotherapy sessions.

Pharmacological treatment is used especially in cases where the symptoms of depression are strong enough to induce the patient into self-injuring or otherwise harmful attitudes to other people.

In safeguarding his life and that of others, antidepressant drugs go to act actively on the main monoamine neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, naturally present in the brain and connected to feelings of well-being.

The contraindications of pharmacological treatment are very serious. In general, side effects may include insomnia, agitation, headaches, nausea and sexual disorders.

If in combination with other drugs (especially those based on triptan) the antidepressant drugs could cause the serotonin syndrome.

The symptoms of this syndrome are hallucinations, elevated body temperature, abrupt changes in blood pressure.

The reason why we began to spread the belief that the advantages of antidepressants do not compensate for the disadvantages derives from a research done in 2004 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This research shows that, out of 4,400 children and adolescents who took antidepressants, 4% of them had suicidal thoughts or tried to commit suicide. Among the patients who took placebo the percentage stopped at 2%.

But how can depression be counteracted by avoiding these extremely dangerous contraindications?

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Natural cures for depression: CBD weed and CBD oil

The therapeutic properties of  weed CBD weed never cease to amaze and are mostly related to the miraculous cannabinoid: CBD, or cannabidiol.

In particular, both the British Journal of Pharmacology and the WHO (World Health Organization) have highlighted the link between CBD and dopamine reception.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to euphoria, a sense of reward and creativity.

Neurochemical Research also published a study in 2005 explaining how CBD acts as a 5-HT1a partial receptor. The CBD is therefore implicated in the neurotransmission of serotonin, fundamental in the regulation of feelings of anxiety and panic and directly involved in the treatment of depression.

These studies have highlighted the fact that marijuana, especially CBD buds, with a high quantity of CBD and with concentrations of THC contained within a maximum of 0.2%, is an effective remedy for depression.

Not only is it, in fact, an excellent anxiolytic, but it also plays a regulatory role on the neurotransmitters involved in MDD.

Furthermore, unlike antidepressant drugs, marijuana is not characterized by such risky side effects. Dry mouth and sleepiness, in fact, are the exclusive “disorders” associated with the consumption of CBD.

As regards, instead, the reaction of CBD to the active ingredients contained in other drugs, it is always advisable to consult the treating doctor.

In fact the metabolites contained in the CBD cannabis, in particular the CBD and the THC, inhibit the efficacy of the drugs that bind to the same neurotransmitters.

However, studies on CBD show that the consumption of legal weed does not contrast the effects of paracetamol. Read the following article to learn more: “Tachypirine and marijuana: can you take them at the same time?”

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Other benefits of CBD for treating depression

Another great advantage of using marijuana to treat cases of depression is that it has an effective action on almost all the main causes of a Major Depressive Disorder.

As effective anxiolytic and cure against insomnia, in fact, CBD cannabis is able to bring back to those who consume it a sense of peace and tranquility even if suffering from the worst forms of nervousness and anxiety.

Furthermore, since there are no high THC concentrations, the psychotic effects are completely canceled out. This avoids the classic contraindications linked to the “buzz” that affect the most psychologically fragile people, such as panic attacks and accentuated hypochondria.

In Italy it is possible to buy cannabis on a CBD online shop and completely natural cannabis CBD oil of proven provenance and anyone can do it when they reach the age of majority. In this way it is possible to take a product free of chemical or synthetic compounds, which does not cause side effects or further damage to health and which, absolutely essential, is not characterized by side effects.

Anyone taking antidepressant drugs, on the other hand, must be constantly monitored to be completely certain that the medicines do not cause suicidal tendencies or other potentially lethal disorders.

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