CBD oil for the elderly: can it be a therapeutic alternative?

The therapeutic alternative for the elderly: CBD oil

With multiple beneficial properties and no side effects, CBD can alleviate many age-related ailments

If you are lucky enough to be still able to go to your grandparents’ for lunch, you cannot have failed to notice the excessive amount of medicine they are forced to down before, during and after the meal. Of course, medicines are very useful and save us from many illnesses, but such immoderate use – or should we say abuse? – such immoderate use, will it not harm their fragile bodies? There is no point in prevaricating: of course, they do. But, as a rule, when evaluating a therapy’s potential side effects, one has to pay attention to the risk-benefit ratio; often, the benefits carry more weight. So does the argument make no bones in the short term but the long term?

If I told you that there are alternative therapies that seem to bring the desired benefits but without side effects, would you try to reverse the trend? In this article, I explain how CBD can alleviate the typical ailments of old age and why we should not underestimate it.
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Under what circumstances can the use of CBD be a solution?

CBD, or cannabidiol, can be an essential ally in treating specific ailments, such as anxiety or insomnia. Still, it also has beneficial properties in cases of more severe illnesses, such as epilepsy or sclerosis. In the specific case of elderly patients, CBD proves helpful in counteracting a whole series of ailments closely related to ageing processes, such as joint pain or difficulties in maintaining the correct sleep-wake cycle. Also typical of old age are frequent anxiety attacks, when this does not become chronic, and depression. In all these cases, the relaxing, pain-relieving, and neuroprotective properties of CBD can provide relief and also help improve cognitive abilities, such as memory and the ability to concentrate. Let us now look in more detail at the uses of CBD that can be well suited to the needs of the elderly.

CBD for anxiety control

The intake of CBD, due to the interaction it establishes with our endocannabinoid system, induces a feeling of calm, thus significantly reducing stress. In addition, it is instrumental in managing paranoid delusions, psychosis or hallucinations. It also helps considerably in the treatment of insomnia.

CBD for chronic pain

CBD has known pain-relieving and analgesic properties. It makes it particularly suitable for treating chronic pain due to its high tolerability. In addition, it has no significant side effects, unlike its direct competitors: opiates. Elderly woman happy because CBD oil made her pain go away

CBD to reduce joint and muscle pain

Another disorder that typically arises with advancing age is rheumatoid arthritis. You may not know that it is a disease of autoimmune origin and the endocannabinoid system, among other things, regulates the immune system. For this reason, CBD is particularly effective in reducing the symptoms of this problem.

CBD to limit Parkinson’s disease tremors

Like other diseases, Parkinson’s disease is mainly associated with old age. CBD has been scientifically proven to have an antioxidant effect, hindering the degenerative course. In addition to alleviating symptoms, it plays a key role in the disease’s progression, slowing it down.

CBD to counter osteoporosis

CBD-sensitive receptors have also recently been found in bones. It explains how CBD also has excellent potential in this area. It seems that it can slow down the deterioration of the bone structure and facilitate tissue regeneration, especially after fractures, which are very common among the elderly.

CBD to reduce the onset of diabetes

According to some studies that are still being concluded, the intake of cannabinoids, such as CBD, appears to have the potential to counteract the onset of diabetes – both type 1 and type 2 – and hinder its progression. In addition, it helps control the typical symptoms of this disorder, such as hypersensitivity to temperature, inflammation and pain.

CBD to curb depression

Taking CBD has long been associated with increased production of the feel-good hormone serotonin. Improving this is of great help in fighting depression, which seems to originate precisely from too low levels of this hormone. In addition, the relaxing and sedative properties of cannabidiol help combat sleep disorders, often associated with this illness.

CBD to improve the cognitive condition

In patients with Alzheimer’s, it appears that taking CBD can significantly improve aspects such as orientation, emotional state and language. This action is due to CBD’s own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which also have a stimulating effect on neurogenesis.

CBD for varicose veins and swollen legs

CBD, due to its anti-inflammatory action, is also an excellent aid in cases of swollen legs and circulatory problems such as varicose veins.

CBD to reduce stroke damage

Preliminary scientific studies seem to show that cannabidiol may be instrumental in reducing stroke damage and accelerating neuronal recovery in the phase following the ischemic episode.
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Older people and drug addiction: can CBD be an alternative?

Elderly person checks the medicines he/she has to take daily Speaking of the elderly and the diseases that affect them, we cannot fail to examine an essential aspect: drug abuse and drug addiction. Who does not rush to take a pill when a headache is coming on here? But unfortunately, the issue is very different. In the case of older people rarely resort to the use of drugs sporadically. It is, in fact, often a matter of therapies to cure – or at least alleviate – chronic ailments, which can last for many years. With this in mind, we must pause for a moment to reflect on the negative implications of such habits can be. Not infrequently, maintaining specific treatments leads to the onset of new problems. There are many medicines to take, all different and potentially toxic to the body. Not surprisingly, a prevalent condition in the elderly is, in fact, liver and kidney fatigue. A further aspect, then, concerns dosages. The body, as we know, tends to get quickly accustomed to the absorption of drugs. Consequently, more extensive doses are needed to produce the same effects. But at what price? CBD, on the other hand, as you may have read, lends itself to the treatment of a myriad of ailments without forcing the body to ingest cocktails of drugs that are potential – and paradoxically – harmful to health. Besides proving useful for a variety of uses, it has no contraindications. Need we know more?

In conclusion, can CBD oil be a therapeutic alternative?

The question revolving around cannabis and its uses is still somewhat controversial. While marijuana-based therapies have been enthusiastically welcomed in other countries of the world, as far as Italy is concerned, we are still mired in the ‘cannabis = drugs’ stereotype. Research, however, gives hope for a future awareness of a more objective and less moral nature. Don’t miss our content and visit our online store Justbob.shop to choose between legal cannabis, hashish and CBD oil. We are waiting for you in our CBD flower shop!