Aggressive dogs and CBD oil: benefits and advice for four-legged friends

The benefits of CBD oil for aggressive dogs

Why cbd oil can help make your dog less aggressive, and what are the other beneficial effects of this product on your trusty companion

Having an aggressive dog in the house can be a real pain: on the one hand, there is the constant danger of being attacked, which can sometimes lead to particularly serious consequences.
But, on the other hand, not being able to re-establish a balanced relationship with your four-legged friend, whom you may have raised since he was just a puppy, can be emotionally unbearable.

In such a situation, some vets recommend medication, but this can have undesirable effects and undermine your dog’s health.

So what should you do in such a situation? Is there no choice but to give up on solving your trusty companion’s behavioural problems or put his health at risk?

There is an alternative: you can try using a natural remedy that has a lower risk of side effects than drugs, namely CBD oil for dogs.

This article will explain why this product can help limit aggression in dogs, what its other beneficial properties are, and how to dose it to your pup.

Aggressive dog

Aggressive dog? The problem could be his state of anxiety, and CBD oil can help calm him down.

Suppose your dog is showing signs of aggression. In that case, the first thing you need to do is contact a professional who can identify the cause of this behaviour and find an appropriate solution.

Sometimes it is enough to take your four-legged friend to a good trainer who knows how to apply special behavioural techniques to make him more balanced. In the most severe cases, however, it may be necessary to use drugs prescribed by a vet to relieve the dog’s state of anxiety and stress, which is often the cause of his aggression.

Suppose the specialist you have consulted recommends a course of treatment based on medication. In that case, you may be afraid that your dog will suffer any undesirable effects: after all, practically all medicine can cause side effects, right?

If you’re worried about that, there’s a much safer natural alternative: CBD oil.

Several studies claim that this remedy effectively relieves stress in dogs, reducing their aggression. Some pet owners are wary of cannabidiol-based products, and you might be too, but know that your canine friend well tolerates CBD.

Of course, before making any decisions, seek advice from your vet, who will be able to advise you on the ideal product for an effective recovery process.

In addition, don’t forget to complement the CBD oil treatment with behavioural therapy from an experienced dog trainer: this is extremely important if your four-legged companion is to become as affectionate and playful as when he was a puppy.

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Other benefits of CBD oil on man’s best friend

CBD oil is often mentioned as a possible remedy, not only for canine aggression but also for other ailments that can affect the lives of our faithful friends.

In particular, it seems that cannabidiol has beneficial effects against the following conditions.

  • arthritis, i.e. inflammation of the joints. This is particularly common among large dogs such as Rottweilers, English mastiffs and Newfoundlands. According to studies, CBD alleviates the pain caused by this disease, providing relief to dogs suffering from it;
  • convulsions caused by epilepsy. Yes, dogs can also suffer from this condition. The beneficial effects of CBD against epileptic seizures have been widely demonstrated in humans. These episodes can be treated with Epidiolex. The European Union has also approved a cannabis-based drug for several years. Research seems to show that CBD may also alleviate these symptoms in dogs;
  • cancer. Cancer patients may suffer from chronic drug-resistant pain, nausea and loss of appetite caused by the chemotherapy treatments they undergo to treat the disease. Cannabinoids have repeatedly been shown to be effective in alleviating these side effects, and it has been shown that cannabidiol can have the same results in rats and ferrets. This suggests that dogs undergoing chemotherapy may also benefit from taking CBD oil.

CBD oil doses for dogs

How to dose CBD oil for your dog?

Let me be clear: if you buy CBD oil for your dog, don’t choose your own dosage. Instead, ask your vet for advice, and he will be able to give you the information you need to minimise the health risks to your dog.

However, if you’re curious about the indications usually given for the administration of this remedy, here’s the answer: the ideal dose of CBD for a dog can vary depending on the condition being treated and the concentration of the active ingredient.

We tend to recommend a dosage of about 2 drops per kg of body weight, taken twice a day.

When giving your dog CBD oil therapy, start with low doses and assess the results of any undesirable effects. Then, as time goes by, you can adjust the dosage until you reach the ideal amount of oil for maximum benefits.

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Bottom line

As we have explained, CBD oil is considered an excellent solution to reduce aggression in dogs caused by anxiety and stress and alleviate several symptoms related to some severe diseases.

If your four-legged friend needs a natural remedy for his ailments, consider using this product. But remember: before making any decisions about your dog’s health, talk to your vet and carefully follow his advice.

You wouldn’t want your dog to suffer due to a decision made without expert advice, would you?

To minimise the risks to your dog, choose CBD oils online with CBD concentrations of less than 5%. In particular, Sensitiva oil, which you can purchase in the – our CBD online store, is an excellent product compatible with veterinary therapies for animals