Where to buy medical cannabis online? Everything you need to know

Where to buy medical cannabis online?

We shed light on medical cannabis and where you can buy it

Cannabis is an ancient plant divided into three main subspecies: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis.

When the flowers of these plants are harvested and dried, we have the finished product. Some call it weed. Others call it marijuana.

Recently, cannabis has been the subject of a heated public debate as the population is divided into those in favour of its legalisation and those against it.

Those in favour of its legalisation emphasise its curative, recreational and relaxing aspects, while the other side emphasises its side effects, particularly its psychotropic effects.

The truth, as is often the case, lies somewhere in between.

Cannabis should be neither blessed nor demonised, but known for its pros and cons.

Marijuana is a drug that can have very unpleasant effects on the psyche of some people, but it has proven to heal properties that have been used for this purpose in the distant past.

So, let’s understand a little more about this centuries-old plant, analyse its many curative applications and find out where to buy medical cannabis online.

Medical cannabis plants

Is cannabis only for those who want to get high?

First, let’s clarify that recreational cannabis is illegal. It will never be found for sale in shops, its distribution is solely dependent on organised crime dealing it under the table, and it is classified as a soft drug.

It is classified as a soft drug, so selling, buying and using it is a punishable offence (albeit with mitigating circumstances for small users).

One may wonder how cannabis can be considered a harmless plant that even boasts beneficial effects when classified as a drug. The question is legitimate and deserves an explanation, not least because there is still so much confusion about it.

Psychoactive substances in cannabis: THC and CBD

The mind-altering effect that cannabis produces depends on the substance it contains, which, depending on the amount, produces moderate to strong effects. This substance is THC.

When THC enters the body, it stimulates receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Stimulation of these receptors affects the body in various ways: among its effects are reduction of pain and inflammation, increased appetite, nausea, and insomnia.

Unfortunately, the mind-altering effects of THC may outweigh any benefits, so this substance is considered dangerous and banned by law.

In contrast, another chemical contained in marijuana that appears to have health benefits and no particular contraindications is CBD. However, this cannabinoid does not alter consciousness or euphoria, which means it does not produce the ‘high’ of THC.

In legal (or CBD) cannabis, THC is almost entirely absent, while CBD is present in suitable proportions. CBD gives a relaxing effect and is particularly useful in alleviating pain (and not only) from many diseases.

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CBD cannabis 

Law number 242 of 2016 stipulated that cannabis with a THC content of less than 0.6% cannot be considered a drug, and therefore its sale in specialised shops, both physical and online, is permitted.

CBD cannabis, i.e., cannabis with no THC and rich in CBD, is therefore available to everyone and is marketed in the form of dried leaves, oils, tablets, baked goods and confectionery, etc. The laws regarding its use are now in force.

It is sold in dried leaves, oils, tablets, baked goods and sweets, etc. Unfortunately, the laws regarding its use are unclear, so many stores suggest buying it for collecting purposes only.

As for the effects, taking legal weed with a high cannabidiol content usually induces a state of relaxation and muscle relaxation, but not only that. It also appears to be very effective in treating pain.

Medicinal cannabis

It is a different matter for medical cannabis. A genuine medical preparation sold exclusively in pharmacies on prescription.

This preparation is reserved for sufferers of certain very painful illnesses for which medical cannabis can bring considerable relief.

It should be noted that, depending on the disease and the degree of pain experienced by the patient, the specialist may decide to administer a preparation that includes CBD and THC. Although THC has psychoactive and hallucinogenic properties, it has very pronounced relief effects.

However, there is still concern about the consequences of THC, as it can be a stimulant or depressant for some people, leading to other side effects.

Therefore, when considering marijuana for any medical condition, the doctor will probably assess whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Woman suffering from pain

Conditions for which medical cannabis is used

The most common conditions characterised by chronic pain, and for which, according to some studies, cannabis appears to be helpful, are:

  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia;
  • endometriosis;
  • migraine;
  • cancer;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • rheumatoid arthritis.

Neurological and mental health disorders

Some neurological and mental health disorders also appear to benefit from treatment with cannabis. These are:

  • anxiety;
  • epilepsy;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • Tourette syndrome;
  • sleep management.

The relaxing effects of marijuana can help improve sleep disorders, such as insomnia. And sleep can also be enhanced by the analgesic effect of this plant.

In addition, because cannabis can make people hungry, it is also helpful in treating conditions or side effects of diseases that cause a loss of appetites, such as AIDS or anorexia.

Medical cannabis is only indicated to relieve symptoms; it is not used to treat or cure diseases, using it will not change the outcome of a specific condition. But alleviating some symptoms is not insignificant: it can be a lifeline to feeling better and acquiring a higher quality of life.

The only cannabis you can buy online is CBD cannabis

Having clarified the differences between illegal, legal and medical cannabis, we can say that the only cannabis available in physical shops and online is legal cannabis, which only contains CBD.

Anything found online will never cause a high, but only more or less relaxing effects depending on the percentage of CBD.

Sometimes on various online sites, we see advertisements for the sale of medical cannabis, even though it can only be bought in pharmacies with a prescription.

Some of these companies also have in their catalogue oils or products to be ingested in the form of tablets with a very high CBD content, which is sufficient to alleviate chronic pain for some pathologies.

And occasionally, those who need such products for therapeutic purposes buy them directly online, either because pharmacies are often lacking or because the pathology that afflicts the person may be hidden and undeclared (and therefore not supported by the NHS).

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To conclude

Anyone suffering from a particular pathology should seek advice from their doctor before using medical cannabis to ensure that the cannabinoids it contains do not interfere with other treatments. It is why medical cannabis cannot be purchased online but, as already mentioned, only in pharmacies and only with a medical prescription.

On the web, on the other hand, it is possible to buy legal hemp, i.e., hemp that contains a meagre amount of THC (within legal limits) and does not cause psychotropic effects.

The purchase of CBD weed inflorescences is legal, as is the purchase of its derivatives (hashish and CBD oil). However, the laws regarding its consumption are unclear and may be interpreted differently at the authorities’ discretion.

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