Growing cannabis as a beginner: what you risk and why it’s not worth it

The risks of cannabis cultivation for beginners

Why growing cannabis is not worthwhile (especially if you are unfamiliar with the industry)

If you’re starting out and don’t know how to grow a cannabis plant, there are some things you should know. Assuming you haven’t yet bought the necessary equipment to undertake this venture, it is essential to consider factors that could significantly influence your choice. Growing cannabis as a beginner is certainly not a walk in the park: no mistakes are allowed.

The law is stringent, and knowing it could make all the difference (if you don’t want to incur heavy fines or worse). In this article, we will try to understand what it means to grow cannabis seedlings yourself and the critical issues related to maintenance costs and diseases. Finally, we will analyse the Italian legal framework concerning the cultivation of the plant and the legality of the seeds. Growing cannabis as a beginner

Are you a beginner? Here’s what you should know before growing your own cannabis seedling

Let’s say from the outset that growing plants is never easy. But when it comes to cannabis, the matter is even more complex. First of all, you should pay close attention to the appearance of diseases such as fungi, stains and infections. Below we have put together a diagram that briefly summarises the main problems that could arise when growing hemp:

  • bud, flower and seed diseases seed infection (latent), bud and flower moulds, mites
  • leaf diseases powdery mildew, leaf spots, sooty mould
  • systematic diseases phytoplasma, viruses, viroid, vascular wilt
  • stem diseases stem scab (or breakage), crown rot
  • root diseases rot and infections, pythium, fusarium, nematodes

You will understand that the situation is quite complex, so a certain level of experience is required to know how to deal with every possible plant disease. But this is not the only factor, so to speak, against DIY cultivation. You actually have to consider other aspects. First of all, cannabis plants need their own space. What does this mean? If you choose to grow at home, you will have to set up a room for them. A so-called grow room. Furthermore, the seedling goes through four growth phases, each of which requires:

  • certain hours of light/darkness
  • specific nutrients that must be contained in the soil,
  • particular amounts of water and climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).

Finally, there is one last aspect that cannot be ignored. The Italian regulatory framework imposes severe penalties for those who do not comply with the law. Therefore, the next step will be to analyse the regulations on cannabis cultivation and the controversial issue of seeds.

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Regulations to know if you want to grow cannabis (and you’re just starting)

Let’s go in order. Law states that it is possible to grow cannabis Sativa plants, albeit with specific limitations. The problem is linked to the presence of THC in the inflorescences, a psychotropic substance that, if contained in high doses, can cause a state of psycho-physical dependence.

“If, at the outcome of the check, the total THC content of the crop is higher than 0.2 per cent and within the limit of 0.6 per cent, no responsibility is placed on the farmer who has complied with the prescriptions of this law”.

So, once you are sure that you are not growing plants that will develop inflorescences with a high THC content, the problem is solved, right? Wrong. There is another very sensitive issue related to seeds. Besides, marijuana seeds are not listed as narcotic substances because their nature is not related to the production of addictive substances. However, if collecting seeds is permitted by law, the situation changes when discussing cultivation. Planting seeds could result in the growth of plants that will develop inflorescences with a high THC content, which would be in total violation of the law. Therefore, you will easily have guessed that error is just around the corner (especially if you are a beginner) and that the law is uncompromising in this respect. So if you don’t want to take any risks, the only solution is to rely on experts and buy legal weed. Growing cannabis as a beginner is risky

Growing or buying legal cannabis? Make the right choice with Justbob

Justbob is one of the most recognised e-commerce companies in the industry and is considered by most to be the undisputed benchmark. If you are starting in the world of cannabis, rather than growing a seedling (with all the responsibilities and consequences), you can decide to buy good legal hemp. It is a very high-quality, health-friendly product with a high CBD content and a low THC level (even less than 0.2%). Recognised as a safe substance by the World Health Organisation (WHO), CBD is one of the plant’s main cannabinoids: it provides a state of well-being and relaxation but is free of psychotropic substances.

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Growing cannabis yourself is a complex and delicate activity, especially for beginners. Mistakes are just around the corner, and the law does not condone any kind of transgression.

In addition, do-it-yourself cultivation entails incurring various costs on the maintenance and care of the plant, which can easily be solved by purchasing from a reliable site such as Justbob. So if you want to solve all your (future) problems, visit the site and discover the world of legal cannabis.

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